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Work Ethic - Consistent actions that demonstrate the will to earn victory.
Attitude - A positive mind set to elevate our team mates and reach our potential.
Respect - Showing consideration for all people all of the time.
Responsibility - Reliably handling our duty's and obligations.
Integrity - The courage to do the right thing no matter what!
Optimistic - A positive mind set that focuses on the lessons presented in setbacks.
Resilient - The ability to bounce back, get up, or move forward through adversity.
Selfless - The willing spirit and choice to put the team first in all situation.
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August 12th  7th & 8th grade
August 19th  5th & 6th grade

Registration &
for Season

August 12th 4:00 - 5:30
If your child needs to register
for the season, please bring
completed registration
form and concussion form
along with payment

5th & 6th Schedule
7th & 8th Schedule
Itís not too late to register for the season!!